Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dorothy Ruffle Trousers

They are of a casual design with a ruffled waist band. The waist band also features a bow which is positioned at the hip. They also have white lace turn-ups and pockets with a lace trim.
They are a practical feminine trouser - ideal for skipping along the yellow brick road!

These are a relaxed style of trouser which could also be used as a design for pyjama bottoms. Perhaps without the pockets as I always think that nightwear with pockets is a little odd. In the same way that pockets in baby clothes are odd - what are they going to put in them?

These trousers were inspired by the film 'The Wizard of Oz'. This is a classic film from my childhood - I was really frightened of the wicked witch of the west and her flying monkeys! I also played Munchkin Number 1 in a Christmas panto when I was younger - I had one line! I loved being part of the production and the lovely good witch who did my stage make-up for me; she did the best munchkin freckles! I can remember thinking how grown-up she was - I think she was around 17 at the time, which just goes to show how young I was! I am sure that my Mum has some embarrassing pictures of me in my munchkin costume.


I also thought about making the design into dungarees:

I don't think they work quite as well as the trousers but it is fun trying out a few ideas but they reflect the pinafore dress a little better. I think the design is a bit of fun really.

Here is a link to YOUR STYLE ROCKS where you have the opportunity to vote for your favourite design that has been entered into the competition. I love checking out all the different designs in the competitions and the free patterns - I hope you like my designs enough to vote for them!

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