Friday, 3 August 2012

The Olympics 2012!

I have been one of the lucky people who managed to get tickets to an Olympic event. Which is amazing particularly as it was totally sold out. Further to this and unbeknownst to me when I applied for the tickets I got to see Team GB! I got to go and see Great Britain! I was very lucky to get tickets to cheer on athletes from my nation at a home Olympics!

Tickets to watch Olympic Football!

Arriving in Cardiff Central Train Station.

The Millennium Stadium, Cardiff!

The Olympic Logo "London 2012" on the outside of the Stadium.

Here I am ready to support Team GB!
Go Great Britain!
We got to the stadum early and watched it fill up with people.

Up on the Big screen Before the Start of the first football match
 - between Mexico and Switzerland

Here is Switzerland warming up for the match.

Start of the Match.
(Cool Mexican hat warn by the man in the row in front of us)

The end of a really good game although Mexico dominated for the most part.
Final Scores

This is the one that most people in the stadium came to see.
It is great that there was so much support for the home team.
The stadium was completely packed and everyone was having a fab time!
As the start drew closer the atmosphere began to build even more!
GB supporters with their Union Jack flags filling the stadium
back up after the break between the two matches.

GB Team warming up!

Olympic Mascot "Inspiring a Generation"
This huge banner was brought out along with giant footballs
that bounced around the stadium while the teams warmed up.

The Referees leading the teams out onto the pitch as seen on the big screen
Our seats were on the side where the teams came out.
That meant that we had to look up at the screen to see their entrance.

The Japanese referees were so funny with their warm-ups on the pitch.
They were in time with the music - the song playing had the line "I'm sexy and I know it..".
The warm-up at that point consisted of ... skip, skip, high kick... repeat.

The line-up for the national anthems of Uruguay and Great Britain.

"God save the Queen..."

Shaking hands before kick-off

Match Kick off!
Great Britain in the Dark Blue (with red and white)
and Uruguay in the White (with light blue shorts)

 Action Shot - an attempt for GB at a goal. Team GB had most
of the possession throughout the match and had a number of attempts on goal.

Just before Half Time GB scored!
When I say just before I mean in the extra minute of stoppage
time that was added to the end of the first half!
It was so exciting and it seemed like the whole stadium was cheering!

Second Half - still 1-0 to GB
There was an announcement which stated that the stadium was sold out!
With around 69,000 spectators at the Millennium Stadium.

The Match finished with Great Britain victorious!
That goal in the first half has made them the group winners!
Great Britain has made it into the semi-finals and has to face South Korea on Saturday.

Off home! The crowds had a really good atmosphere and everyone seemed
happy about Great Britain's Win! It is so great to have the Olympics in Britain
and have the home crowd here to cheer our athletes on. 
Olympics football: 69,000 watch Team GB men beat Uruguay :

I am totally loving the Olympics here in Britain. It is so brilliant to have the opportunity to cheer on the home side and see some of our sporting heroes in action. It was pretty cool to see so of the Wales international football players in the GB team - I got to see Bellamy captain the team to victory. It was so much fun joining in with the Mexican waves and getting into the spirit of the event. It is also really nice to see on TV that the Prime Minister and Royals are getting involved too and cheering on the athletes - it is really nice to see William, Kate and Harry at the events. It was also very exciting to see Wiggins win Gold in the cycling time trials up on the big screen in the stadium before the first match started. There was such a massive cheer and lots of applause as he went over the finish line! I am totally loving the cycling and the rowing/sculling at the moment- I always love watching the gymnastics and seeing Beth on asymmetric bars for team GB.  

What I also like about the Olympics is the good sportsmanship where the athletes congratulate each other and respect one another. I am also really pleased to watch the crowds cheering the athletes on no matter what country they are representing. I loved watching Michael Phelps in the swimming and winning medals with the crowds cheering him on - he may not be our national hero but he is a sporting hero and his achievement are just amazing! It was also really nice when he got the silver medal the other day and the young swimmer who had just beaten him to the gold was so bewildered that Phelps guided him through the media and medal ceremony. It was just so sweet! I am finding that I am getting more and more addicted to watching the Olympics on TV... it is really getting exciting!

I had so much fun and I am so exited that I had the opportunity to see an Olympic event here in Britain!  


  1. Olympics 2012 is in the air! Lucky you are enjoying it there. Wish I could attend this marvellous event.

    I visited this lovely blog through BNN. Love your sketches. Hope to see you stop by at my blog and follow back. :)

  2. You are so lucky! I have always wanted to go to the Olympics!

  3. Also visited through BBN.

    Looks like you had super fun! I'm heading back to the motherland in a few days to catch a few Olympics events (including women's football final) I too was lucky enough to get tickets, and it's a great excuse to go back to my home country for a week :)

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I also just managed to get to an event - women's volleyball. The crowd atmosphere was amazing. I had to keep pinching myself that I was at the OLYMPICS!

    :) Visiting your blog from BBN.


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