Sunday, 10 June 2012

Emily Dress - stars in the night sky

Emily Dress - stars in the night sky theme

I have just submitted this dress design as my entry for the "Sensational Decoration" competition on Your Style Rocks.  Please go to their website and vote for my dress! :)

It is really exciting to have my design in a competition!

You may have noticed that I used my drawing of myself as the model - which is pretty cool although I had to make my hair a little shorter so that the dress could be seen clearly.

I am not sure why it is called the "Emily Dress" it just felt suitable when I came to name it. The competition is to design a dress that uses decoration and embellishments. In my design the dress itself is quite simple, with a floaty skirt. The front of the bodice is however covered in lace and sequins and so are the shoulders. As a further embellishment on the bodice four pieces of fabric are drawn over the bust and secured at it's centre. This enables the sequins and lace to shine through.

It also has a zip fastening at the back.

Perhaps it could be made in a soft grey colour. I couldn't choose when drawing it so I just left it white... which makes it look rather bridal (I suppose that is not such a bad thing...) However, the dress has a night sky theme with the sparkle on the bodice representing the stars so I think that the grey colour would make a nice contrast. Here a few of the colour option ideas that I have had:

Potential colour options - night sky and stars theme

I found these picture which I think demonstrates the theme a little using google:

Stars in the night sky
More Stars
From -

Lots of Stars!

With all the embellishment and sequins I think that this dress would be really fun to wear to a party or for an evening out somewhere special.

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