Monday, 11 June 2012

Better Blogger Network

I am a member!

As I have only just started this blog (and I am relatively new to the whole idea of blogging in the first place) I decided to go in search of some good advice. In my search I came across the Better Blogger Network (you may have already noticed the Buttons on my blog). I checked it out and found lots of awesome bloggers and blogs were linked up through this site. So I decided to join in. It has proved to be such a great opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and the forum has a lot of tips and good advice for newbies like me. 

What I really like about the network is the opportunity to join in groups or mini communities within the network. I have joined a few of these groups - I love the craft group - it is so cool to be able to check out peoples latest projects and swap ideas.

Click HERE to link to the Craft Group on BBN

Student Group
In the short time that I have been a member I have had the opportunity to set up a new group within the network. Being a student is a big part of my life and therefore has a major influence on my blog. When I noticed that there were other student bloggers on the Better Blogger Network I thought that it would be fab to have a group for students. It is really fun when bloggers join the group - I love learning about where they are from, their studies and their blogging inspirations.

I know that it is a bit cheeky but the group logo is a picture that I took of a big pile of my textbooks!

Click HERE to link to the Student Group on BBN

500+ Strong
What is even better is that the network is currently running a competition to win lots (and I do mean lots!) of fabulous prizes. This whole competition is the networks way of celebrating the fact that it has now got over 500 members.

Do check out all the cool prizes and sign up for a chance to win!

Celebrating a growing online community

Better Blogger Network

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  1. oh Jessica, you're blog is very nice too!
    I became a follower through GFC! ;)
    Eline S. (from BBN)


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