Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee, Nationalism and Pie

British Nationalism is Sweetie Form!

Recently Britain has become really overtly nationalistic. This is due to the forthcoming Olympics (I have tickets!), the Eurovison Song Contest which was last weekend (in which Britain came last but one... but that was pretty much expected) and this weekends Royal Jubilee celebrations. Even the sweeties are donning the national colours! Recently, whenever I have turned on the news it has shown people running around with the Olympic Flame, golden boats in London or Englebert Humperdink!

The bank holiday weekend has been set for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and street parties. Some streets have really taken it to heart and are fully decked out with bunting and having street parties.

My small contribution to the festivities comes in the form of a sweet pie - a nationalistic pie of course! Below is a sneak peak at the cooling pie crust; waiting to be filled. The finished pie is my take on the traditional British Cream Tea - strawberries and cream themed. The recipe will be in my next post!

 If you look at the platted edging you will notice what looks like a 'bell' shape or perhaps a 'bobble hat' made out of pastry... this is in fact my attempt at a royal crown shape. Oh well it was worth a try!

Jubilee celebration pie crust and mini tart cases made
from leftover pastry

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