Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sleeping on a cloud

Ironing... but doesn't it look pretty

Today I have been ironing... lots!

I have a thing about having blue, white or cream coloured bedding. I just like the idea of sleeping on a fluffy cloud and that is how I like to think of my bed. I know it is a bit odd, but I just like the whole sense of bedding being light fluffy like clouds. For me it seems that fluffy clouds simply equate to relaxation and sleep.

Sleeping in a cloud-like bed

On a more fun note- I bought a pattern. I saw a dress pattern online that I thought was really pretty and my style. So today on my way back home I popped in the fabric shop and checked out their pattern books. The shop had a copy in stock and I couldn't resist. Hopefully it will nice and simple to make...

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