Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bethany Beach Trousers

This month the Your Style Rocks competition is to design trousers! The outline states that they can be "practical or dressy, simple or intricate". 
If you like my design please vote for it on YOUR STYLE ROCKS. This is the second month that I have entered their competition. It is so much fun having a go at making up my own designs. Last month I submitted my Emily Dress. I managed to get ten votes in total and my entry came overall third in the vote. I am so pleased as I think that it is really good for a first attempt.

I decided to go with a simple cropped trouser with some key features: a sash waist, a pocket (optional - but I think it is cute!) and buttoned trouser legs. 
I also decided to go for a summer evening theme for my design - particularly thinking about cool relaxing summer evenings by the beach.

Side view of button fastening at the end of the trouser legs

The above diagram shows a depiction of the close-up view of the bottom edge of the trouser leg. Here two buttons are used to fasten the edges of the trouser together. This is particularly useful if you wish to paddle in the sea without getting the trousers wet. Simply undo the buttons and role the trousers up so they are above the knee. Plus, it just looks pretty!
These trousers are designed with cool summer evenings in mind or for those days when there is a cool breeze in the air. Made from a lightweight fabric these cropped trousers hit just below the knee. They feature a decorative tied sash at the waist and are secured with a zip and button combination at the front of the design. The button is subsequently hidden underneath the sash.  There is an optional pocket featured on one hip. The end of each trouser leg has a split in it which is secured together with two buttons.

The shape of both the pocket and the sash - also shown is the
stitching in the shape of an ice cream sundae

The pocket has an unusual shape which complements some decorative stitching which is featured in a shape that is similar to that of an ice cream sundae. The sash is also curved along its bottom edge giving it a more relaxed wave-like shape. Both these features are designed to maintain a continuity with the seaside/beach theme.
As the design is for lightweight fabric and is cropped below the knee they are ideal for relaxing at the beach and ideal for summer holidays. They will also be a useful part of your wardrobe in both the spring and autumn seasons while the weather is cool but not cold enough to yet want your winter coat.

With the beach theme in mind I have chosen colours in ice cream shades that remind me of childhood holidays by the sea.  If you like my design please vote for it on YOUR STYLE ROCKS.

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