Friday, 11 May 2012

Friends, Weddings and Paint

Recently, I have rediscovered the wonders of paint on my laptop and although I began just by doing some random drawings of things this has gradually progressed into drawing and designing dresses and outfits using the programme. I know this sounds rather childish but I have been having lots of fun.

Over the past few years a large number of my friends have tied the knot. This has resulted in facebook being awash with lovely photos of my friends on their special days. I was on the phone chatting with my computer in front of me and I just started to sketch out and copy a photo of one of my friends in her wedding dress (the same friend that I was on the phone to...). Anyway, since that point I have just become hooked! I now have quite a collection of these pictures - It is really interesting to look at the dress choices and how the fabric falls etc... although I haven't mastered the art of drawing faces...

Here is the first wedding dress I sketched:
Nicola wedding dress
 Here are a few more:

Catherine wedding dress

Joanna wedding dress
Rachel wedding dress 
Rosie wedding dress
Caroline wedding dress

I have a few more that I am sure that I will get round to putting up eventually. However, you might have noticed the picture of the girl on the blog title banner, well - that is me (or at least my depiction of me). So you can see that I haven't just stuck to the wedding dresses- I will have to post a few of the other pictures in the future. Athough, I have already uploaded some to my pinterest account:

Finally, I will end this post with a picture that I have just finished drawing today:

Terri-Ann wedding dress

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