Saturday, 19 May 2012

Simple Way to Hem a Dress or Skirt

I have had my own sewing machine for a number of years now and I have always really loved sewing and making things.

However, I have only just ventured into making clothes. I have made cusion covers, bags, rag dolls, etc... and even a ukulele case! Up until now I have avoided having to hem anything (or at least avoided doing anything that required the hem to be particularly neat or even). I am more used to sewing fabric together and folding it the right way out... and the seams are hidden.

Recently, I made my first dress! I used yellow gingham and stitched daisies around the neckline - so much fun and super cute.

The part that I found most daunting or at least that I thought I would totally mess up was the hem around the bottom edge. I don't really want to wear a dress that is totally wonky at the bottom (at least when it isn't intended to be).

Mum to the resucue!

Thankfully, I was chatting to my Mum and she told me a really easy way to do a hem and make sure that it is nice and even. So I though I would share her advice...

How to make hemming easy based upon my Mum's advice:

Mark hemline with pins and fold

Press hemline
Put a few pins in to hold hem up.
Try dress on to check that the hem is even.
Trim excess fabric.

Fold rough edge under, into hemline.
Pin fold in place.
Press hemline again.
Sew hem in place
There you have a neat hem!

My Mum is fantastic and I am so happy with the way that the hem (and the dress) have turned out.

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