Sunday, 13 May 2012

Unicorns and Yellow Dresses

I saw an episode of Glee a while ago that had a unicorn theme and this inspired me to draw a few unicorn pictures.

“A unicorn is somebody who knows they’re magical and isn’t afraid to show it.”
-Quote from the show Glee

When I was little I loved 'My Little Pony' and 'Rainbow Bright' - I think that my unicorn is a bit like the one from Rainbow Bright...

Rainbow hair!
 I think that I have had yellow dresses on my mind recently... I seem to be drawing them and making them! I have almost finished the daisy dress that I am making. I will keep updating the previous post to show how it has been made. When I finish it I will have to take a few pictures with it on and post it on here to see what people think.

For some reason I drew a sad unicorn picture - looks
to me as if the little girl is saying goodbye to her friend.

Oh and just to finish, here is yet another yellow dress that I have drawn in recent weeks! At the moment it must just be a thing for me...

Yellow dress

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